A 3-step travel-writing niche strategy to to help you break in and prosper

By David Hammond 

Many travel writers choose a niche like it's a fixed thing—something they decide on and then live with the best they can.

But the truth is, your travel niche can possess flexibility.

You can optimize it to break in. Then, gradually expand it to help grow your travel writing career.

9 reasons to become a freelance travel writer as a second career

By David Hammond

For decades, life revolved around making a living.

But things change.

An opportunity to rearrange your life, such as retirement, arrives.

It provides the freedom to explore new paths and dust-off old dreams.

That’s how it was for me. Since I was 15, I harbored the notion of seeing more of the world and writing.

So, after a career in real estate, I revisited the aspirations of my youth, which led to travel writing.

For many, becoming a freelance travel writer as a second career is the right move at the right time.

Following are nine reasons you may want to consider it, too.

The freelance travel writer's tools and supplies

By David Hammond 

Freelance travel writing is a business.

And compared to most businesses, the operating costs are low.

As a travel writer, you don't need office space, employees, or a warehouse.

All you need are a few basic tools and supplies.

What tools and supplies, exactly?

That's what this post is all about.

How to overcome resistance and make writing a habit

By David Hammond

A regular writing practice, made habit, is the foundation of your writing career.

You probably already know that.

You may also know when you start a writing routine you're likely to encounter some mental resistance.

Resistance is usually greatest during the first two to three months—the average time it takes to form a new habit.

Unfortunately, many fail to overcome this initial rough patch, taking their unrealized dream of writing to the grave.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

5 ways 'specializing' can boost your freelance travel writing career

By David Hammond
Some insist

An able travel-writer can produce an article on any travel topic. 

Perhaps that’s true.

But not an article as reliable as one written by a travel niche specialist on his or her specialty.

A second career as a travel writer—an interview with Keith Hockton

By David Hammond

Keith Hockton is a
 Penang-based author,
writer, and publisher
Keith Hockton was always a good storyteller.

At age 12, he wrote an English essay about an old man eating dinner that included a line he still remembers:

  …and his spoon splashed into his bowl of lukewarm watery soup causing it to spill on his already dirty trousers.

“The essay itself wasn’t so great,” recalls Keith. “But that one sentence—it was visual.”

It raised the idea his storytelling ability might cross over into writing.

Decades later, after university and a career in banking, Keith gave writing a try.

The freelance travel writer’s path to more assignments and better pay

By David Hammond 

Imagine two freelance travel writers. They write at the same skill level. Both share similar career goals.

Yet, one continues to struggle while the other builds up to a full schedule of good-paying assignments.

You see this a lot. Which raises the question: Why?

What makes the difference?